press release

Thomas Hirschhorn. Re-Sculpt
24.11.2018 - 17.02.2019

Opening: November 24, 3pm

Re-Sculpt is the title of Thomas Hirschhorn’s first exhibition in China, which gives form to the fact-less and faceless truth by exploring the aesthetics of ruins and discusses the complexity and paradox of destruction and creation.

As the temporary studio of the artist, McaM’s 2000 square meter space will be “re-sculpted” into a space of resistance and a place without hierarchy. Two “shelters” are placed in this precarious ruin landscape that offer the space for workshops. Each participant can use the materials provided within to create their own sculptures. This self-evolving shelter space, as part of the exhibition, associates, convenes and confronts with the ruin space. During the exhibition period, McaM shall put forward together with the artist the public projects through a non-programmatic method, in order to extend the public space and the social fabric into the museum: it’s free and open to all public to engage in the discussion raised by the exhibition, organizing and inventing their own meetings and events.

Re-Sculpt is a never-ending work, a continuously developed and re-developed field. It invites and asks for the presence of every one of us to prove that: I am/we are as good in creation as in destruction.

Chief Curator: Qiu Zhijie
Curator: Fu Liaoliao
Assistant Curators:Dai Zhiyu, Qian Shiyi

Organizer: Ming Contemporary Art Museum, Ming Yuan Group
Producer: Li Songjian, Ling Feifei
Supporter: Pro Helvetia Shanghai, Swiss Arts Council
Courtesy: Gladstone Gallery, New York and Brussels